SALSA- Safety Assurance

Buttercross & SALSA

For over 20 years, our family business has proudly held the SALSA certification, underscoring our long-term commitment to exceptional food safety standards. This accreditation is especially significant for smaller producers like us, as it highlights our consistent efforts in not just meeting, but often surpassing industry expectations.

Maintaining this certification for two decades is not just about compliance; it represents our enduring dedication to producing and supplying safe, high-quality food. It's a testament to our ability to blend traditional family values with top-tier industry practices. This long-standing SALSA approval reassures our partners in the hospitality industry and other manufacturers of our unwavering commitment to excellence. It's a mark of trust and quality that we've carried with pride for years, and it continues to open new opportunities for us, strengthening the confidence our customers place in our products and services.

Guaranteed Safety and Quality:

With our SALSA accreditation, you can be confident that every product you buy from us meets the highest standards of food safety and quality

Reliable Consistency

Our accreditation ensures that you enjoy consistent quality every time. It’s our promise of reliability in every product we offer.

Supporting Local Excellence

By choosing our SALSA-accredited products, you’re not just getting top-quality food, you’re also supporting a local, family-run business committed to ethical and high standards