Buttercross Dry Cured Bacon

We enjoy supplying a full range of meats to chefs across the region here at Buttercross, but we deeply pride ourselves on our further produced products such as sausages, black pudding, bacon and ham. They give us the ability to take our awesome free range pork and give it a true ‘Buttercross’ identity with inventive […]

The cut of pork we’re not using enough of…

What’s the cut? Pork Collar (neck fillet, pork ribeye) is a versatile and delicious cut of pork that seems to be overlooked on menus across the country. The pork collar essentially the same muscle as a ribeye in beef, it is a cylindrical muscle, weighing around 1.5-2kg and has a generous amount of flavoursome marbling […]

Do you know where your meat comes from?

Food Fraud Horse meat, fake farm brands and re-labelling meat for extra shelf life. Just a few of the news stories that have cast the meat industry into disrepute in the past few years. A recent study tested meat products across Britain and one in five samples contained the DNA of species not shown on the packaging. […]

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