Business to Business

At Buttercross we enjoy working with a wide range of businesses and helping them with their meat needs. We work with professional kitchens, manufacturers, retailers and understand the different needs each industry requires in the way their meat is packed and processed. We’re always delighted to work with new opportunities and relish a challenge, so if you’re in need of help, give us a call.


The Customers


We are proud to work with some of the regions finest chefs and specialise in a consistent, high quality supply of meat into their kitchens. Our aim is to provide a reliable service for chefs and put great meat on the regions restaurant tables.


We also supply our meats to other butchers and manufacturers to be used within their products. We can produce bespoke, unique products for your business with the knowledge that the product is made to the highest quality, at a SALSA assured site and is always Gluten Free.


We supply a range of pre-packed products, perfect for the shelves of a range of retailers. A mix of Buttercross classics alongside regularly refreshed seasonal lines, our products are perfect for giving retail customers a taste of restaurant quality meat.

Probably the best fresh meat supplier in the region. Service, quality and price to match a flawless reputation and as a supplier to my business since it began 10 years ago, I’ve never had the need to look elsewhere. Brilliant.


Kevin Guerin Ironbridge Catering Company

The Products

Produced on Site

Buttercross are proud to make many of our products from scratch in our countryside factory. Our butchers produce sausages, dry cured bacon & cooked hams using traditional methods. We also have on site ability to oak smoke, brine cure and marinade in a variety of flavours. This gives us full control over our produce and a leading edge in product development. Great quality, unique meat products can be on your menu in a flash.

buttercross butcher

Fresh Meat Butchery

Our Butcher’s craftsmanship is clear to see in our products due to their years of experience in the trade. We butcher all cuts from fresh & local carcasses or primals, selected for maximum flavour and texture. All cuts come individually vacuum packed with an industry leading ‘trim spec’. As a result this saves time, reduces wastage and improves yields in the kitchen.

buttercross contract


Buttercross butcher a wide range of products for other companies. We take on this work due to customers finding that our efficiency can make outsourcing good value.  Whether a one off job or regular contract, you can be sure of a cost effective and quality end product.

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We'd like to let you know about special offers and any unusual cuts we may have in stock...

The Service


Great delivery service is vital to us. We promise;

  • Same day delivery (if ordered before 6am)
  • Free Delivery Monday-Saturday
  • GPS Tracked Refrigerated Vans
  • Uniformed drivers & clean, well maintained vans.

Bespoke Products

We love making special products, even more so when working with talented chefs. Here at Buttercross, we know that there is increasing need to make menus stand out. Our experience in producing bespoke butchery, plus a pinch of chef’s creativity is the perfect recipe for a unique product. The sky’s the limit, so get in touch to find out how we can help.

Customer Focus

Great products are only half of what makes a good butcher. We work with a customers in a variety of industries and understand the differences in requirements of meat supply between them. Consequently everything we do, from the first order to final delivery is to make life easier for the customer. As a result this saves time, reduces wastage and improves yields.

In 2020..

Sausages Made
Bacon Slices
Steaks Cut
Pigs in Blankets Rolled (Just in December!)