Buttercross Black Pudding

We always knew our Black pudding was good, but would never have thought of it being a ‘Super Food’! However, with high levels of protein, iron and zinc that’s exactly what it’s being hailed as across the media this week and with all of the hype we thought we’d share the story of how our iconic Black pudding came to be…

When Buttercross was in it’s infancy, we employed an incredibly experienced butcher to help us within the industry, however for all his experience he was shall we say, a slightly eccentric character. As we looked to expand our product range he was adamant that Black pudding would be our next best seller and he knew just the recipe. He went on to describe his time when he was ‘just a lad’ completing his butchery apprenticeship, and used to be tasked with literally jumping into a huge tub and mixing the pudding ingredients as they came down chutes to him. He told us this was the way that proper black pudding was made.

We weren’t too keen on bringing an apprentice in to swim around in a big Black pudding barrel, but we were very interested in making pudding to a very specific traditional recipe, so we got our normal mixer firing and set about trying to decipher our maverick butcher’s ramblings about how it was done in the good old days. On a cold Monday morning after a few weeks and many a batch of ‘nearly but not quite’ puddings we were starting to get a bit despondent, until a triumphant butcher flew through the door after a weekend epiphany. ‘I’ve got it’ he said as he rushed into the factory and started mixing the first batch of what is now our famous Black Pudding. He’d remembered the secret ingredient of a recipe that is still known by only a few of us to this day.

Since then we’ve been proud to supply over 18 tonnes of Black Pudding, in sticks, slices and even as an ingredient in sausages to our suppliers across the country and we’re even prouder to hear people tell us that it ‘tastes just like it used to’….

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