Porky Points

Porky Points

Porky Points

Be rewarded for your loyalty, earn big discounts and be the first to hear about any special offers with the all new Porky Points Card…

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How do they work?

  1. Earn your Porky Points.

    With every £1 you spend, you earn a ‘Porky Point’. After each purchase you make in store, your card will be swiped and your points will be automatically added on.

  2. Redeem your points.

    Once you’ve reached 100 Porky Points you’re eligible for a £5 voucher. We’ll print you out a voucher that can be redeemed on your next purchase. If you’d rather save your points up and wait to earn yourself a bigger voucher, you can do that too.

  3. Look out for extras.

    We’re always looking for ways to get you the best products and at the best value. Once you get your Porky Points card, you’ll be part of a club that  gets priority limited stock items and you’ll always be the first to get your hands on any special discounts. So keep your eyes on your inbox for our top secret email offers!

Do you need to register or request a card?


If you already have a new (plastic, credit card style) Porky Points card and either haven’t used it or registered it in store you need to register your card. Follow the link at the top of the page to ‘Register or Request’ your card and select ‘Account Login’. You’ll be asked to quickly fill out a few details (including the number on the rear of your card). Once registered, the card is automatically set up you’re ready to reap the rewards!


If you don’t already have a Porky Points (plastic, credit card style) card but would like to get going with one as soon as possible, you need to request a card. This can be done on the ‘Register or Request’ page by selecting ‘Request a Card’. Once you’ve filled in a few details, we’ll then set aside a Porky Points card in store with your name on it. All you have to do is let us know that you’ve requested a card when you’re at the till and we’ll hand it over!

Do you still have an ‘old style’ Porky Points card with stamps in?

If you’ve still got an old style card, you can of course still continue to collect and redeem your stamps all the way up to the end of December 2016. However, if you want a shiny new style plastic Porky Points card, all you have to do is let us know in store, we can transfer all of your existing points onto the new card system and then you’ll never have to worry about losing your half full card again!

Terms & Conditions

The Customer (the person to whom this card is issued and registered) hereby agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions in relation to his/her participation in the Retailer’s Customer Loyalty Rewards Programme.

1. Following acceptance of the Customer’s application to join its Customer Loyalty Rewards Programme the Retailer will supply the Customer with a Loyalty Card with which the Customer can obtain loyalty points and setup an accompanying Customer Loyalty Rewards Account into which such points may be collected.

2. The Loyalty Card issued to the Customer remains the property of the Retailer and shall be returned to the Retailer upon demand.

3. Loyalty Points are earned and credited to the Customer’s Loyalty Rewards Account on production of the Loyalty Card when purchasing goods or services from the Retailer.

4. Loyalty Points credited to the Customer’s Loyalty Rewards Account may only be redeemed against goods or services purchased from the Retailer.

5. Loyalty Points cannot be exchanged for cash.

6. Redeemed points cannot be used again.

7. Points will not be awarded on voucher redemption transactions.

8. Loyalty Points are personal to the holder of the Customer Loyalty Account to which they are credited and cannot be transferred.

9. Loyalty Points shall be lost if the Customer Loyalty Account is closed or the Retailer ceases to operate the Customer Loyalty Rewards Programme.

10. Vouchers issued are valid for the period specified on the voucher.

11. The Retailer may close a Customer Loyalty Rewards Account where the Customer has misused the account in any way howsoever or the account is one to which no points have been credited for a preceding period of 12 months. In the event that a Customer Loyalty Rewards Account is so closed, all points credited thereto shall be lost.

12. In the event that a voucher is for higher value than the cost of the purchase, the full voucher points are deducted. no change or points credit is given.

13. Only one voucher may be redeemed against any purchase.

14. By accepting this card the Customer gives permission for the Retailer and Loyalty Pro Ltd, who operate and manage the Customer Loyalty Rewards Programme, to record, store and use data and information provided by the Customer to the Retailer or derived from the Customer’s participation in the Customer Loyalty Rewards Programme.

15. Vouchers can only be issued to registered card members

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