Butcher’s Hook Specialities

Butcher’s Hook Specialities

Butcher’s Hook offers the full range of Buttercross Farm Foods specialities. Nearly 20 years ago we began to make small batches of sausages and bacon, and we are delighted that this part of the business remains a real strength (with largely unchanged recipes!). Below all products are listed, but we also love being challenged to create new & bespoke flavours (order volume dependant), so if you have any ideas then get in touch!

Buttercross Premium Sausages
Traditional Pork Thick
Traditional Pork Thin
Traditional Pork JUMBO sausages (approx 14 BIG sausages 8″ long)*
Pork and Apple
Pork and Red Onion Marmalade
Pork, Chilli and Fennel*
Pork and Black Pudding*
Pork and Leek
Pork and Cranberry*
Pork, Garlic n Black Pepper*
Manchester Sausages (Cumberland Style)*
Pork n Shropshire Blue*
Pork, Honey and Mustard*
Pork, Bacon & Stilton*
Free Range Pork Sausage Meat
Buttercross Black Pudding (Stick or Slices)
Buttercross Hand pressed Steak & Brisket Burgers 100% Beef
Buttercross Beef Burgers 85% Beef
Buttercross Everyday Burger 70% Beef *
Pork n Sage Burger*
Pork n Apple Burger*
Lamb n Mint Burger*
Buttercross Home Cured gammon.. Cut to any size..
Whole boneless gammon (hock off) approx 8.5 – 9kg
Buttercross  Horseshoe Gammon Steak.
Buttercross Half Moon Gammon Steak
Buttercross Gammon Hock
Buttercross  Dry Cured Bacon
Back Bacon
Streaky Bacon
Smoked Back bacon
Smoked Streaky Bacon
Buttercross Home Cured and Cooked Hams
Boiled Ham
Roast Ham
Honey glazed  Roast Ham
Black Treacle cured  Roast Ham
Orange Marmalade glazed  Roast Ham
Oak Smoked Roast Ham
Spiced Apple Roast Ham (Christmas Speciality)
Sliced Pack of Boiled Ham
Sliced Pack of Roast Ham
Sliced Pack of Honey Roast Ham
Roast Beef Topside Joint (approx 2.5kg)*
Sliced Roast Topside 500g*

*Must be pre-ordered (& volume dependant)

We aim to hold a wide range of specialities on stock in the shop, however if you do have your heart set on any cut, we recommend pre-ordering to ensure you’re not disappointed!

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