Bespoke Butchery Price List

butchery price list

Bespoke Butchery Price List

Looking for something that you can’t find on the shelves? Try our Bespoke Butchery Service, no order too big, too small or too specific. All products below available for next day collection*

Please find below the Bespoke Butchery Price List. Orders can be placed in store, via phone or email.

Please click here to download a copy of the bespoke butchery price list.

*Next day collection availability subject to stock. Any product with a * next to it may require up to 3 days notice. Order collection date will be confirmed by 5pm on the day order is placed.

SAUSAGES Price per kg
Traditional Pork Sausage Thick or Thin £8.24
Pork n Pudding Sausage* £8.24
Pork Shropshire Blue Sausage £8.24
Cocktail Sausages £8.24
Pork & Apple Sausage £8.24
Pork Sausage Meat £5.20
Pork Honey & Ginger Sausage* £8.24
Pork & leek Sausage £8.24
Pork and Red Onion Marmalade Sausage £8.24
Pork, Chilli & Fennel Sausages* £8.24
Manchester/Cumberland Sausage* £8.24
Bacon Lardons £11.97
Rindless Back Bacon £16.78
Streaky Bacon £14.21
Smoked Back Bacon £17.49
Smoked Streaky Bacon £14.92
Gammon Horseshoe Joint £8.76
Gammon  Horseshoe Joint Smoked £10.26
Gammon Joint £7.29
Gammon  Joint Smoked £9.98
Gammon H/S Steaks £11.82
Gammon Hock £4.73
Gammon Hock Smoked £4.73
Pork Mince £5.94
Boneless Pork Leg Joint £6.55
Boneless Pork Chops £13.85
Bone In pork Chops £6.82
Pork Leg Steaks £13.50
Pork Shoulder Boneless Joint £6.69
Diced Pork Leg £8.71
Belly Pork Slices £10.13
Boneless Pork loin Joint £9.32
Pork Tenderloin £17.64
Pork Liver £5.00
Pork Spare Rib Steaks £8.78
Pork Belly Joint Boneless £7.50
Pork Loin Joint Bone in £6.15
Whole Pork Belly Bone in £4.73
Marinated Pork Spare Rib rack or riblets £5.25
Fresh FR Chicken Breast Fillets £15.00
Barn Reared Whole Birds £4.12
Barn Reared Chicken Fillets £9.59
Diced Chicken 50/50 (Thigh & Breast) £9.39
Chicken Supremes £2.30 each
Lamb Bone in Shoulder Joint £10.60
Lamb Boneless Shoulder £13.17
Lamb Leg Joint Bone in £13.30
Lamb Boneless Leg Joint £16.27
Lamb Chops £17.55
Minted Lamb Chops £17.55
Lamb Leg Steaks £16.61
Lamb Neck Fillet £15.66
Lamb Diced Shoulder £14.58
Lamb Shank £24.15
Breast of Lamb £6.55
Rack of Lamb Fully Trimmed £22.89
Minced Lamb Shoulder £13.64
Beef Topside £10.53
Beef Braising Steak £10.50
Rib of Beef on the Bone £18.03
Beef Diced Stewing Steak £10.50
Beef Rolled Brisket £10.33
Beef Fillet Steak £40.84
Beef Sirloin Steak £22.75
Beef T Bone Steak £21.13
Beef Rump Steak £18.22
Beef Rib eye Steak £25.59
Beef Mince £8.77
Beef Burgers 4oz/114g 1.46 each
Beef Minute Steaks (Topside) £10.60
Beef Sirloin Joint £21.20
Rib of Beef joint Boneless £23.90
Cooked Ham Slices £26.10
Cooked Ham  Joint £19.11
Roast Smoked Ham £19.24
Black Pudding Stick (per kilo) £7.79

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